Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Moving on

Slow, easy run yesterday. Still doing 4/2 because of the heat. Managed to get in a solid 60 minutes, though.

I'm beginning to feel like I'm in a training program. That may sound funny to some, but I make a very sharp distinction between running and training.

When I'm running, I usually don't care how fast or how far. I don't keep track. If I miss a day or so, I don't care. When I'm training, I get much more careful about distance and pace. And I certainly don't want to miss a workout.

Now, this may sound strange coming from me, but the truth is if I've decided to train I want to do the training well. It doesn't mean I'm going to shoot for a PR come race day. In fact, on race day I'm sure I won't care what happens. But in the meantime, the quality of the training is important.

Waddle on, friends.


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Slow and easy is pretty much my routine. For me the heat won't be the problem today. Nope, in Calgary its yet another rainy day. Oh well at least tonight's run is a short one - 45 minutes. Its taper time, less than 2 weeks to the half marathon.

Bess said...

Went out for a training run yesterday down by the river(Chattahoochee River, Atlanta)...it was hot & humid...did 4/2 also...managed to get the "required" 6 miles in, plus some.

Thought about you (John) as a hawk flew over me...if I had NOT been out there, I would have missed this opportunity to see this gorgeous bird as he soared in the sky...he made it look so effortless. It brought a smile to my face & the extra push to get the run done with a 4 instead of a 2!!!!

Barbara Johnson said...

Thanks for distinguishing between running casually and training.

I've taken two years off training after an ankle injury. I kept running casually and gently but wasn't working on any particular goal. But now, since I've started working on the next 1/2 marathon, I'm training again.