Thursday, June 30, 2005


ORN: Biked again yesterday. More by default than by design. I had a meeting downtown and it's much easier to bike than to drive. And much less expensive the parking or taking a taxi. It ended up being about 90 minutes of biking total.

I realized that I had done something for 5 days in a row. Not a good idea for me, so I took the day off from running. We'll see how the legs feel later in the day. I may take today off completely.

I guess I should explain what "ORN" means.

In the OLD days, there was an internet list called the Dead Runners Society. This was back in the early 1990's before the internet and email groups were everywhere. This was a group of academics and government workers, mostly, who shared their opinions and thoughts about running - and everything else.

To make SURE that at least SOME part of the post had SOMETHING to do with running they imposed the "ORN" rule. It stands for Obligatory Running Note. And it required the writer to describe their latest run. Some people went on to call them OBN [Obligatory Biking Note] or OSN [Swimming] or OYN [Yoga]. I just call everything an ORN.

So, to keep ME on message I'm going to begin each Blog with and ORN about my training for the Chicago Marathon.



Susan said...

ORN: I like it! And thanks for being such an inspiration.


Thanks for the daily posts. They are motivating to me and make me feel like I'm not the only one fighting through this hot summer

DawnB said...

I just can not believe its really you. You have time to actually do this blog, wow you are amazing. Your book "the courage to start" was my inspiration. I've read it a few times and have given it has gifts. I love it. I hope some one isn't inpersonating you as there are so many that look up to you. Well if it helps to get us even more motivated then it is worth it. thank you again.

I am running said...

You're my hero. I'm a personal trainer in Canada and I never miss your column in Runner's World. What a great surprise to find your blog. I use your material when influencing new runner's because the journey and self-achievement are larger than the podium! Thanks for that. Can I use ORN too? Love it! Thanks and waddle on friend....Diana