Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back from Hiatus

ORN: 11/29/05; 5 miles, 4/1, 60 minutes, on the treadmill.

I was away from the computer, but not entirely from running. While traveling I did manage to get in several runs.

Today was the first day back at it. I'm feeling great, very refreshed from the time away, and ready to be training again. It's COLD here in Chicago so I retreated to the gym. As I've said, the treadmill can be a very good alternative to running outdoors. This time of year probably half my running will be done indoors.

I've got to keep pushing the daily runs up just a little between now and the Disney Goofy Challenge. I've pretty much accepted that I will walk the marathon, but that will take preparation too. So, I'm going to do my best to extend my daily runs from 40 minutes to 50 minutes or an hour.

Waddle on, friends.



Vicky and Dale said...

Welcome back! I've missed you = )

Just an FYI for the other runners who read this blog...I've just finished 5 ART treatments and it's gotten me back into marathon training. It's EXTREMELY painful but has produced fast, fantastic results...worth it in my book!

firebookie said...

See you at Disney! You'll know our team, we had t-shirts made that say "It's all about Goofy" on the back. We are running for St. Joseph's Hospital.