Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Goofy Idea

ORN: 50 minutes, 5/1

If you've been following this, you'll see what I'm up to. Same route, different interval, more running. I'm still trying to understand why my legs aren't any more trashed than they are, but, I had a great run today and was actually able to "push" the pace a little every now and then.

Some of you may know about the "Goofy" challenge at this year's Walt Disney World Marathon. If you run the half marathon on Saturday you get a Donald Duck medal. If you run the FULL marathon on Sunday you get a Mickey Mouse medal. If you run them BOTH, you get a GOOFY medal.

Well, the temptation is setting in. I wasn't going to because I had missed the deadline, but I've been offered a number... so... how can I say no!!

AAARRRGGGHHH! I can't believe I'm even THINKING about this.

Waddle on,



Vicky and Dale said...

Sounds like awesome fun! You can do it!!

William said...

You have to do it!!!

whitneyD (passed by weiner dogs) said...

You know how to pace'll do great! And hey- three medals for two races??? You HAVE to try it!
Penguin Power!!!

Anonymous said...

I mas registered for it too and agee that it sound like a crazy idea but a lot of fun. I admit that I draw on parts of your books to help me stick to the training and stay motivated. I'll see you there!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... sounds like a true "medal ho"...LOL...