Thursday, October 20, 2005

Almost Normal

ORN: 65 min; 5 w/u, 55 4/2, 5 c/d

This was the longest run I've tried since the marathon. I'm still toying with the idea of running [run/walk] the Marine Corps Marathon a week from Sunday, but I haven't decided for sure. No matter, I felt like it was time to stretch the time some.

The "rule of thumb" is that if you're under 40 you need one day per mile to recover from a race. If you're over forty - say 56 years old - you need one day for every kilometer to recover. So, for someone like me that means nearly 6 weeks of recovery after a marathon. That doesn't mean no running or walking, just no high intensity training.

I know I'm pushing things to try to stay steady, recover, and get ready for another marathon in three weeks. It's not the dumbest thing I've done, but it's probably close. My thinking is - and I can tell you up front that it's flawed - is that since I'm in marathon condition I should try to do a couple!

What I won't do is do something stupid, like run if I'm not recovered enough. But, I know that this is a dance with the devil.

Waddle on,



Vicky and Dale said...

You sure sound like you're running strong to me! WOW...are you THAT old??? hahahahahaha You're in pretty good shape for an old guy = )

I like your've already done all those long runs, might as well get the biggest bang for your buck! As long as nothing feels INJURED, I say go for it! What's the time limit on Marine Corps? Maybe you could back off the pace even more if necessary???

Bess said...

Contemplating a similar situation...I'll be in DC for the MCM, my first marathon (look forward to seeing you at the expo) & I'm 51...the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half/Full is on Turkey Day...thinking about the Half not the could be more of an easygoing training run!?