Tuesday, October 11, 2005

One more day

ORN: 0

Another day of recovery. The aches and stiffness from a marathon don't always show up the first day, so, it's important to take a few extra days just to make sure.

When it comes to recovery, I little too MUCH is better than a little to LITTLE. Right now it's hard to imagine running. I know that it will pass. I'm not going to rush back into it.

Then there's the dreaded PMS. Post Marathon Syndrome. It's very easy to fall into a depression following a big event. Knowing that it might be out there doesn't make it any easier.

Waddle on, friends.



liz said...

Ok, it's official, I'm addicted to checking your blog and I love reading that men suffer from PMS too!!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to post. I thought with the marathon over this might the end! Maybe, you'll cover this in a future post. There's a 20-mile cutoff in the Marine Corp Marathon (MCM). Are you confident in making this cutoff with a run 2/walk 3 ratio? I'll be at MCM and I'm worried about using a run 2/walk 2 ratio.

Thanks also for reading your comments. From some that I perused, it seems like you get comments that look sort of like junk mail.

You really should think about fleshing this out and turning it into an article. There could be a graph with planned training and what actually happened. It would so great!!

Vicky and Dale said...

Yes, you are getting some junk mail on here. There's a way to ask for a word of jumbled letters to be typed in before Blogger will post the comment to make sure that auto-junk is not allowed but anonymous posters can still comment. My friend's blog has that feature turned on but I'm not sure how to do it! Maybe someone else knows how???