Saturday, December 03, 2005

Loosening Up

ORN: 30 min, 3/2

The only goal today was to move some and try to shake off the "airplane" legs. I'm concerned about the half marathon tomorrow, but the plan is to stick with a 3/2 ratio and see how it goes.

It doesn't matter - at least it doesn't for me - how many half or full marathons I've done, I still get worked up and nervous. Maybe there are people who say it's "only" a half marathon - and mean it - but NOT me. 13.1 miles is a long way.

So, I'll do my best not to chew anyone's head off today!!



Vicky and Dale said...

Best wishes for your race tomorrow!

Just wanted to tell you thanks SO much for your article in Runner's World..."correct and redirect". It's come at the perfect time! Once again you've given me the freedom to say "maybe the marathon distance is not what I'm supposed to do" and feel ok about that.

I'm in training for the Houston marathon and struggling with an "almost" injury AGAIN, just like last marathon training = ( I've had to run shorter distances more often (twice a day) to stay conditioned for when I can run longer distances again. I've discovered that I really LOVE this kind of running!

So why should I feel pressure to run marathons when my body says to stop at the half distance? (I never start having trouble until I get to the 15 mile long run and above). For just the reason you said...the mentality in the running world that it's "just" a half and somehow doesn't count!

But after reading your article I'm going to correct and redirect to what's best for ME and what will bring me the most joy...THANKS!!!

Joe said...

John, great comment on "still getting worked up and nervous". I suppose if we ever lose that, it's a bad indicator.

Racing is awesome, even if it is for fun.

Good luck, look forward to your write up!!

liz said...

One of the best things I remember reading about running was in your column on the half marathon where you said "It isn't half of a full marathon - it's a full half marathon" or something like that - I love that and feel exactly like that!!!