Monday, July 03, 2006

Getting it in

There's no big mystery about training for a marathon. You've got to get in the miles. You got to do the long runs - one way or another. You've got to be consistent. You've got to be determined. And sometimes, you've just got to be stubborn.

Today, I was just stubborn.

My legs were still VERY stiff from the 21 hours of sitting on "Fat Albert" [the name of my motorcycle] It was hot and muggy in Chicago, but none of that matters when you're training.

The plan was to run 12 miles using a run 4 minute, walk 2 minute plan. I wasn't as concerned about pace as I was just doing the distance. And, as it turned out, that's just as well.

The first 10 went about according to plan. Then things got ugly in a hurry. I ended up walking the last mile or so just because my legs wouldn't do anything else. It happens.

But I got in the distance.


ORN: 12 miles, 2:56, R4/W2 [walked last mile]

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