Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Trick stuff

OK, I admit it. I'm a gear nut. And I love "trick" stuff. Not as much as Jenny, but more than most. So when Jenny managed to get me one of the new Nike/iPod set ups I flipped.

It's a little "pod" that goes in a special Nike shoe that communicates to your Nano through a little "deal" that clips to the bottom. It tells you how far, how fast, you're running etc, THROUGH your iPod earphones. So, you're running along and a voice says "One Mile completed". Towards the end it tells you "Half mile to go".

And all the time your own music is playing.

Then there's the "power song" button if you need to be fired up.

It is TRICK. And I'm not a guy who likes to run with music. But, it sure made today's run go by fast.


ORN: 5 miles, R10/W1, 58 minutes


Anonymous said...

pretty cool technology.

Josh said...

Go Go Gadget "Power Song" Very cool...

By the way, what is your "Power Song"

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Nike/iPod set would work with any other shoes so you don't have to invest in the "special" Nike shoes? Would it work being put in the bottom of a different brand, or taped to it or anything like that?

Duncan Larkin said...

I don't care what your "power song" is or whether or not you are gear nut with your Nike/ipod(TM)doohickeys. I care that you can find the time post a blog entry about a "power song" button but you apparently can't find the time to keep a promise. Turn your music off and read your email. Keep your promise please. Waddle on.

Steve said...

John Bingham,

I regularly read Mike's Blog. Mike and his Running Shop store team in Tucson, AZ won the shoe store team competition at the Arizona Distance Classic in March. You awarded that team a trip to the Chicago Distance Classic this summer. However, it seems you're planning to break that promise, because none of the team has heard anything from you about travel plans.

That's really disappointing both for Mike and his team - and for you. You should know that Mike has a large readership for his Blog - all devoted runners who will know that your word isn't worth the paper it's printed on. And we love to talk about that kind of stuff.

Keep your promise.

Jonas Taicy said...

OMG! I gotta get me a pair. My power song would have to be Shania Twain's "I'm gonna getcha good."

Pat Monahan said...

It looks like the pod is about a 1/2 inch thick and it goes in a space below the middle of your foot. I don't think you could put it in another shoe and have it be comfortable. You might be able to tape it to the top of your shoe. Depends if it works on pressure, or just movement.

neese said...

way cool i need to look into this further, i already have a Nano sounds like it's the gadget and shoes i need to put on my birthday wish list!

Mike said...

Hi John, here is what Steve and Duncan are referring to. This is copy/pasted from an email sent to dbabner twice and once to you. Duncan let me know you responded to him after his comment here, so I'm trying the same thing in hopes of finally getting a response.

Hi John,

I'm with the Running Shop running store team from Tucson, Arizona that won the shoe store team competition at the Arizona Distance Classic in March.
We were told that John Bingham Racing was awarding us
a trip to the Chicago Distance Classic next weekend.
It's now 7 days to the race and no one has contacted
us regarding itinerary. All of our runners have jobs,
and some also have families and school, so knowing the
information regarding the trip is absolutely critical
at this point. We have repeatedly asked for this
information over the past four months to no avail.

Our contact, Laszlo Otvos, who works for you,
has no information for us regarding when we leave,
when we return, where we stay, what transportation we
will use to get to and from the race, etcetera. He
has given up at this point and asked us to email you
directly about this, and I would sincerely appreciate
your prompt attention to this matter. I have emailed
"dbabner" twice with no response.

Please let me know the status of this trip, as all of
our athletes have prepared through the summer for this

Thank you,
Mike Salkowski

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "pod" info Pat. I think I will have to go pick up one of these and try it out with what I have. I will experiment and see if it works somewhere inside the shoes I have, and try taping it to the top or something. Experimenting is cheaper than whole new shoes :)