Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Trophy Sniffing

It's funny how traditions get started.

Last July 4th, Jenny, my mom and dad, and I participated in the "4 on the 4th" race in Elmhurst, IL. It was the first year of the event, it was a small but well run race, and my mom AND dad won their age groups.

My dad - to be fair - only walked 2 of the 4 miles, but the organizers gave him the medal anyway.

This year we were all back for my folks to defend their titles. My task was to try to stay with my mom. And my dad was bound and determined to walk ALL 4 miles.

It all worked out great. My mom and I came in in just a little over an hour and 4 minutes and my dad - all by himself for most of the time - finished up in 1 hour and 25 minutes are EARNED his 1st place medal.


ORN: 4 miles, 1:04:20, walking.

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