Monday, August 22, 2005

Come Back Run

ORN 8/22/05, 60 minutes, 6/1

What a difference a day makes. Or a couple of days. Today's run was as good as Saturday's was bad. The temperature was about 15 degrees cooler, which makes ALL the difference in the world.

I used a 6/1 ratio in order to get more "run" time. It's one of the ways to keep adjusting your run/walk ratio but keeping your total time the same.

**NOTE** I appreciate the comments, thanks. But, because of the way the come to me I cannot respond to them.

**ANSWER** The question yesterday was how to go about adjusting your training schedule when life intervenes. The most important part of a marathon or half-marathon training program is the "long" runs. You've got to get them in, one way or the other. But, as important is to keep the sequence. You can't plug in TWO long runs in a single week, for example.

Waddle on, friends.


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William said...

Glad to hear your run went well. Marathoning for Mortals got me through my first marathon and I am training for a second in October.

What are you training for John?

On the flexibility note, I move my long runs anywhere from Thursdays after work, through to Sunday afternoon. It's better to subsitiute a weekday run than to miss the LSD run.