Monday, August 08, 2005

Race Weekend

ORN: 8/6 and 8/7/05: Zero

This weekend was the Chicago Distance Classic, an event put on by John Bingham Racing. Friday and Saturday were packet-pickup and course setup days. Sunday was race day.

It's hopeless to think I'm going to get any "training" done on a weekend like this. Spending 3 solid days standing, lifting, moving things, pushing, shoving, yelling, clapping, and congratulating is a kind of cross-training activity.

Waddle on, friends,


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Holden said...

I flew up to Chicago on Saturday from Houston just to run in this event (I flew back down on a 2PM flight Sunday). It was my first Half Marathon. (5K being my previous longest race.) What a great race. The views were magnificent. Volunteers were also great. The words on the finisher medal sums up everything for the runner in me. Keep up the good work!