Saturday, August 13, 2005

Over the Hump

ORN 8/13/05: 14 miles, 4/2 [3:33]

The alarm went off at 4 AM. I was out the door at 5. Have I mentioned that I am NOT a morning runner? I'm not a morning PERSON. But, these are the sacrifices we make in marathon training.

The training group was running a cut-back, 8 mile run today. Since I am out of sequence because I ran the San Francisco half marathon two weeks ago, I needed to get in my 14 miler today. I ran the first 6 on my own and met up with them for the last 8 miles.

The lakefront path is pretty empty at 5 AM. By 5:30, though, the runners are starting to gather. By 6 AM the path is alive with training programs and by 7 AM the path is packed. It worked well. I enjoyed the peace and quiet of the first hour or so and the company on the last hour or so.

I'm over the "half hump". The miles get bigger, the runs longer, but the marathon distance closer. So far, so good.

Waddle on, friends.


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