Thursday, August 25, 2005

Down and Out: amended

ORN 8/25/05, ZERO

Day three of the back problem. As the shots wore off yesterday it was pretty clear that this was not a short-term problem. This morning, the tightness is back full-steam, although the pain seems better.

I'm avoiding taking the Vicodin. I'm not eager to put that level of narcotic into my body. I'm hoping to manage the pain with Tylenol. I am using the muscle relaxer [valium!] because everything still feels pretty knotted up. Guess I'll be even more mellow than usual.

As much as I can I am drug and alcohol free. I don't want to run the risk of abusing the drugs, so for me I'm trying to use only the absolute minimums.

But, I am moving better and that's a plus.

Waddle on, friends.


PS: I went out and walked for 30 minutes. What a gift. Little by little.


William said...

What about trying a massage therapist? They might be able to cut the recovery time down quite a bit.

Val said...

Sorry about your back probs, John & I hope you are up & around soon...
I had a q for you and/or Coach Jenny: "FINALLY" got in a long run today (5 mi, 4:1, not too shabby considering the TX heat!) -- do I have a death wish for signing up to do a half-marathon Labor Day weekend?!? (Three months ago -- when I signed up! -- it SEEMED like a really good idea w/lots of time to prep) I really don't care if I wind up walking most of it; I just don't want to wind up injured & have to take wks or months off...
Thanks for any helpful hints & take care of yourself!

whitneyD (passed by weiner dogs) said...

Look on the bright side- this will be great material for your next book...

Glad you're feeling better.


Anonymous said...

I pulled a muscle in my back in April, just trying to tie my shoe. It bothered me for about 3 months, making it painful to even walk or stand for extended periods of time... I hope yours isn't like mine.