Wednesday, September 07, 2005


ORN: 45 min, 4/2, rolling hills

With the event getting so close, it's time to start focusing in on getting ready. Normally I wouldn't do two running days in a row. I would have biked today. But, with just a few weeks left to train I want to take advantage of every opportunity to get in quality training.

Hill running is really speed-work in disguise. You build stength, but more importantly you elevate your heart rate without much risk to your body.

My back seems to have gotten to a point of stability, but, I am taking NO chances. If something even LOOKS heavy, it's going to stay where it is until after the marathon.

Waddle on, friends.



CJ said...

HI! What marathon are you training for John? I have to admit that I read your column regularly in the Runners World magazine (Aust edition) I'm running in the Sydney marathon this coming Sunday. Hope your back is ok.

Anonymous said...

John: Your blogs are great. You have a good knack for words. Your column flows in Runners World. I compare your prose to that of Robert Frost with easy words and a good rythmn. I ran the Chicago Tri and it was great we also caught a Cubs game. Thanks for your help and I would have liked a picture with you.

Ray from Fargo ND