Thursday, September 01, 2005

One Day at a Time

ORN 9/1/05, 60 min, 5/1

This theme is going to come up over and over. I need to keep building mileage. I need to keep getting in the daily runs and cross-training. I need to understand that my back is now contoling what I can and cannot do.

Today's run went well. Some stiffness at first - I think mostly from sitting in a car for two days - but it loosened up nicely. There was actually a few points where the running felt nearly fluid. But not always.

It's a gentle dance now. It's a matter of agreeing every day that I'll only do what I need to, but no more. My ego has got to take a back seat [no pun intended] to common sense.

Waddle on, friends.


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