Thursday, July 07, 2005

Active Recovery

ORN: Walking around and a short bike ride.

I had a good friend that used to time his rest days, the same way he'd time his training days. He would put his feet up and "rest" for whatever time was scheduled for that day. Nothing could move him. When he rested, he RESTED. I've never been able to quite get to that point.

My legs are tired, still. My guess is that it's from the cumulative effect of biking so many miles on Sunday and then running hard on Monday. Today will be a decision day. I've got to run 10 miles on Saturday [4/2] and will need to go into that fresh. Most likely I'll get out today for an easy run, just to get the blood flowing, and then take tomorrow off.

The point is that the indecision is an important part of the training program. No schedule can tell you how you are going to feel. You can't just "stick" to a schedule no matter what. You've always got to be prepared to adjust.

Waddle on, friends.

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Anonymous said...

I'm delighted that you've started blogging. Mainly because I love hearing about the variations you use in your training. My run/walk ratios range from 4/2, 5/2 to 4/1. This all depends on what's happened the 24 hours before, weather and purpose of the training run. I tried to conform to the run/walk times in Marathoning For Mortals but this has yet to happen. It's great to hear that you use a 4/2 too! You're such an inspiration. I hope to meet you someday so you can autograph my book.

By the way, is wife Jenny different from Coach Jenny?