Sunday, July 17, 2005

Best Laid Plans

ORN: 7/16/05 : recovery

When I started this, I thought I'd be giving the readers a blow-by-blow, run-by-run account of my preparations for the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. And to some extent, that's been true.

But, it's also been a HUGE help for me to be held accountable for my REAL training, not just the training I want to do or think I should be doing. Yesterday is the perfect example of something that seemed simple that just got away.

Because of the flight change I took an early flight home on Saturday morning. The plan was to get home, get changed, and get in the 12 mile run that was on the schedule. But once I was home, the hours slipped away and then suddenly the day had gone by and I never got out the door.

I'll get the run in today [Sunday]. And that's the point. Often we have to do what we can instead of doing what we want.

Waddle on, friends.


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Bess said...

I had the best of intentions on meeting up with the group yesterday at 7:30 AM for a trail run...concerned about the trails, though, because of all the rain...was up & 75% in my running gear (I have 2 Bull Terriers & you NEVER get fully dressed in "your going out the door" clothes!!!!) My daughter planned on going, too, but since she didn't get to sleep until after 3, she asked to bump our starting time...okay...while fixing coffee, a mouse scurried across the floor (I thought I had heard "munching" the nite before)...I moved everything in the kitchen away from the walls, but couldn't figure out where it had vanished to...then it scurried back under my washer...had to set a trap...& my husband, who fully supports my racing madness, somehow has injured his ankle & needed to go to the doctor...I really didn't want him to drive (or was I looking for a reason not to run???) so I offered to take him. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the mornings activities & did not even get my shoes laced up...but I did ride my bike while watching the Tour de France late last nite during a thunder storm...
I can't stress over the rearranging of my day...I just remain flexible & grab the pockets of time as they come up.