Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Recovery Ride

ORN 7/18/05: 60 minutes, road cycling.

I hate the term "cross-training". I know what it means, but I don't like how it sounds. If I'm training, I'm training. I prefer to think of it as "multi-sport" training. After all, the heart and lungs don't care what you do, it's just the specific muscles that get the different use.

So, when I cycle I don't think if it as cross-training - even though it is. In fact, when I cycle I don't think if it as training at all. I don't have ANYTHING on my road bike to tell me what I'm doing. No speedometer, no odometer, no cadence counter: nothing. When I'm riding, I just want to focus on the ride, not my time, cadence, and distance.

That's changed over the years. When I was doing triathlons I actually had TWO computers AND a heart-rate monitor on my bike. I never looked at the road, let alone the scenery. My eyes were glued to the data. NO MORE.

If there's something else that you enjoy doing: DO IT. The great thing about running is that it gives you the aerobic base to do almost anything else you want. So get a bike, buy some roller-blades, go for a swim, paddle a canoe - whatever you can. But have fun with it and the "training" effects will still be there.

Waddle on, friends.



Dawn - Pink Chick said...

As much as I sometimes envy the elite runners, I prefer being a slow runner who gets to enjoy the scenery and smell the flowers.

Anonymous said...

On Saturday's long run I got to watch a pair of cardinals beat the snot out of a cowbird, a hummingbird sip from a honeysuckle, a pair of herons fishing, a fawn lying quietly in a glade, AND I stopped at a garage sale I happened to run by... being a Penguin really does have it's advantages.

Richard said...

To me, this is one of the prime reasons to use a ForeRunner. On days like that I can turn it on, make sure its syncd, and then flip it over to map mode and ignore it until I'm done. Then later I can map out my route, check my HR, whatever I feel like. Or not. But knowing its available means that I also know that there's no need to check it in "realtime." Same goes for some races, actually, when you should be more worried about running how you feel. At least, that's my opinion.

That, and its pretty important to be able to find your hotel room when running in a foreign country you're not familiar with, especially when you don't speak the language worth a darn.