Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pedal Power

ORN 7/21/05: 55 minutes/ mountain bike

I say mountain bike, but there are no mountains along the lakefront in Chicago. In fact, hills are so special that the ONE hill along the lakefront has a name! Cricket Hill: like it was a Denali or something.

No, mountain bike refers only to which bike. I've got three. The "mountain" bike, which I do ride off-road when I can, the "road" bike, a classic "drop handlebar" style bike, and a "city bike", really more of a cross-bike with thin tires but a much more upright seating position that I use for daily transportation.

The mountain bike, with it's big, balloon tires, is a much heavier "push" than the others. The goal yesterday was to get in some steady, heavy, pushing. I kept the gears big so that I was able to keep pressure on the pedals the whole time. It's strength training, but outside riding in the fresh air along the lake.

I need the strength in my legs and arms, and especially I need the strength in my non-running muscles. Biking is an easy and fun way to build strength and balance.

Waddle on, friends.


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