Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Junk miles

ORN 7/19/04: 50 minutes, 5/1

Today was a "daily" run. The main goal was to move my legs some, maybe push the pace just a little bit, and get in some miles. In the old days, that kind of run would have been called "junk miles".

I didn't really have a goal in mind. There's a run I do along the lakefront that loops around. It's 4 miles or so - although in 5 years I've never measured it. It's my "I need to get out and run" loop. I know where I'm going to run, I just don't have any idea how far it is or how long it's going to take me to run it.

Yesterday's run went very well. I was surprised since I had gone 12 on Sunday and biked on Monday. My legs were tired but my turnover was good. I felt like I was moving along at - for me - a pretty decent pace.

But it's just perception, and that's all I wanted. I got it in. It felt good. I'm happy. What else could I want??

Waddle on, friends.



Anonymous said...

I was feeling pretty crabby tonight and sluggish, but knew if I could just ge tout and move I would feel better. I did and went about 3.5 miles. Nice, easy run, kept it slow and it made me feel great! I don't think "junk" miles exist, as I can't believe something that made me feel so much better can be called "junk". Thanks John!

Vicky and Dale said...

hahahaha Thanks for the fresh perspective "anonymous"! I did junk miles for the first time on Saturday...just wanted to hit 30 miles for the week and I was so close. It really should've been a rest day but I went out and ran 1.8 at an easy pace. No harm done except in my head where I've been feeling very guilty. What if that 1.8 was just enough to push the balance over into an injury??? Then I would've felt terrible! But that little 1.8 run has made me feel SO was worth it. And like you said, anything that makes me feel so much better can't be called junk = ) Thanks!