Friday, July 22, 2005

Freaky Run

ORN 07/21/05: 55 min, 6/1

What a STRANGE day. I'm an afternoon runner. I know LOTS of people like to get up and run in the morning, but it's just not me. I look forward to getting out ALL day and it keeps me working because I know that the run is my reward.

Late summer afternoons in Chicago mean - "chance of isolated thunderstorms". Living so close to the lake it's not unusual to watch the storms come in and then blow right through.

Yesterday, though, the threat of severe weather was strong. As a result, there was nearly no one out on the running path or in the parks. It was FREAKY. The sky was an eerie gray and it started to drizzle once or twice, but never rained.

It was like being the last person on the planet. And in it's own way it was magical. It reminded me again why I run. It's because without running I'm disconnected from the real world. Without running I would spend my entire life inside my head and inside the tiny little world that I've created.

Waddle on, friends.



Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one that prefers to sleep in and run later in the day. :-)

Hikoushi said...

Aloha John! I got a kick out of your verbage..."Freaky"! That's pretty far out man! I can dig it! So good to hear those "words of my/our? youth. You just keep on keeping on using those words my friend. You are the Boomer Running Guru for the rest of us, man. Peace and love.

Boomers Rule!