Saturday, July 30, 2005

Taper Madness

ORN: 7/29/05: REST

With the 1/2 marathon on Sunday, it's important to try to get my legs as rested as possible. Flying and standing around at an Expo is not the best way to rest, but I don't have any choice. I've decided to take an extra day off of running, to try and get as much recovery as I can.

Word on the street is that the course is hilly which, of course, is something we can't prepare for in Chicago. So, the plan is to walk as much of the uphill as I need to and run the downhills when I can.

I'm more nervous about this race than I expected to be. I'm worried that I don't have the right clothes, that I'm not really prepared, and that I'm going to end up getting pulled off the course. Sound familiar?

Standing at the starting line is always like reading a mystery novel. I'm never quite sure how it's going to turn out!

Waddle on, friends.



Bess said...

Sounds like you're letting your left brain get the upper hand...time to do some right brain talk!!!! As you've shared in your's all normal...relax!!!! And if you're at the expo - time to shop!!! I know you have seminars, autograph signings, etc...I met you at the CM expo in Nashville...but you still gotta make some time for yourself. The prep time is over, you made it this far...go for it!!!!! Race with a smile on your face!!! Good luck!!!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I have to agree, an expo is not the best way to relax before one's race. I spent 4 days prior to my last race setting up for an expo and then doing volunteer checkin & running around. So yes on race day I was a tad tired so I said to heck with a PR, enjoyed the race and helped another slow poke make it to the finish line.

Good luck with your race, John!

Vicky and Dale said...

I SO appreciate your "realness"! It's amazing to me that you still get nervous before a race and it makes me feel like it's ok for me to be nervous too! You continue to bring me comfort and encouragement on this running journey...thanks for the blogging = )