Sunday, July 24, 2005

Barnyard Run

ORN 7/23/05, Anaheim, CA: 4 miles, 6/1, 50 minutes

This was a quick out-and-back, pre-breakfast run on the sidewalks of Anaheim. I never got there, but I was very close to Disneyland before I had to turn back.

I'm a city kid. I know city living. I know city creatures. So, I was a little surprised when early on in the run I came across a white Heron. But I was REALLY surprised when I had to run AROUND 3 chickens that were wandering down the sidewalk. CHICKENS.

In an neighborhood where tiny stucko houses cost $650,000 it seemed out of place to see chickens on the sidewalk. Maybe that's what southern California is all about. The juxtaposition of outrageous home prices with downhome living. Oh well.

It was a fun run, though. Fun because it was actually cooler in California than it would have been in Chicago.

Waddle on, friends.


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